About the Vampire Age Series

Previews and plot summaries for the latest installments to the Aries Braeburn's vampire romance, sci-fi, fantasy, thriller series.

THE DESCENDANTS: DAWN OF THE VAMPIRE AGE immerses the reader in a world of chaos, recorded through the eyes of a young natural-born vampire, as a mysterious pollutant begins to filter the sun’s ultraviolet rays--the very spectrum of light that has kept the vampires in darkness for centuries.

The Vampire Age Book 1 Nineteen-year-old Iryna Balmont suffers from a distorted self image as a single and lonely vampire surrounded by humans. Having grown up in one of the world’s most densely populated human cities, where vampires are competitive and independent with very little knowledge of their own species, she struggles to maintain relationships of any kind.

When she journeys to a growing community of socialized vampires in a rural region of the West Coast, she finds love, trust, and purpose--in a time of fear, betrayal, and worldwide crisis.

It’s the end of humanity’s reign as the dominant species on the planet...and the Dawn of the Vampire Age.

In the first installment of the Vampire Age series, author ARIES BRAEBURN crafts a layered universe with: a real-life mental disorder, based on personal experience; a grounded portrayal of an evolved species--with its own unique indulgences, rituals, and moral dilemmas; and a large-scale conflict that blends history with theories of a dark future.

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